Welcome to Worms the city of the Nibelungen. The tourist guides of City-Tours Worms are exceptionally well trained and state certified by the German Federal Tourist guides Association (BVGD).

“Infotainment” is our passion! That means in our tours we combine information with entertainment.

Not only will you hear facts and numbers referring to the history of our famous home town Worms but we will do our best to light up your fire for history by telling you medieval stories right on sight.


We are able to offer individual city tours per request.

Have a look at this website and contact us….!

Trips for groups, minigroups or individual parties can be booked as well. No one will rain on your parade because tours take place under all weather conditions. All tours start at the miniature bronze model of the cathedral at the south side of the St. Peter’s cathedral.

Culture, shopping and culinary cuisine are awaiting you and will leave an unforgettable impression of our Rhineland-Palatinate wine and pilgrim area. We let sovereigns, knights, mighty dragons and fair maidens come alive for you.

Come and see: 

  • St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • The Nibelungen Tour
  • Imperial Diets of Worms
  • Jewish and /or Luther walking tours
  • Roaming the ancient area of settlements

Looking forward to seeing you…

Prices according to duration and number of participants. For more information contact: 

Heike Schreiber-Wolsiffer 
mobile phone:  0049 (0)172 6292785     
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